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If you will be attending classes at the University of Georgia in the Fall of 2017, there are some questions you should already have the answers to. Will you be living on or off campus? Will you have roommates? Will you need housing with 4 bedroom apartments or less? What type of student housing will make the college experience the best it can be? How important is living close to campus?

Let’s quickly answer these important questions.

Will you be Living On-Campus or Off Campus?

If you will be a freshman under the age of 21, the University of Georgia has already made this decision for you. With few exceptions, first-year students are required to live on-campus. While this may seem restrictive, it helps young people transition to college life. They are much better prepared to make a decision to live off campus after completing their first year.

If the Fall of 2017 is your first opportunity to live off campus, you have some exciting choices ahead. But the longer you wait to make those decisions the more limited they will likely become. That means, you should decide if you will, or will not, be living off campus as soon as possible.

Will You Have Roommates?

This is a significant decision because roommates can help share in living expenses and add to the social aspects of college life. On the other hand, they can add drama, conflict, and potentially negatively affect you financially. If you have decided roommates are a good choice for you, select a student housing community that has a roommate matching service. You’ll also want to ensure there are individual leases available that make each resident responsible only for their share of the lease.

Will You Consider 4 Bedroom Apartments or Less?

Similar to your roommate decision, you will have to decide how many bedrooms are appropriate for you and your roommates. One big consideration is, does your community of choice offers private bathrooms for each bedroom? This can avoid many of the personal scheduling and housekeeping issues that can come with living with multiple roommates.

What Type of Student Housing Is Best for You?

Athens offers a wide variety of housing options. Choices include single family homes, historic multi-unit buildings, duplexes, and a more recent addition to your choices, that of luxury student housing apartments. Upscale student housing communities like those at The Mark in Athens, offer exceptional in-unit and shared community amenities. The Mark, for example, has a rooftop pool and deck area, game room, fitness center, basketball court, racquetball court, coffee shop, free sun tanning and so much more.

How Important is Living Close to Campus?

Some students believe that living off campus means getting away from campus. There are off campus student housing options that are both nearby and far away from campus. Living far away from campus can also be a mistake you will regret. Your job, after all, is attending school and getting an education. Being close to campus can save time and transportation costs. It provides independence while still taking advantage of the college experience. It is a choice that is convenient for students and helps provide peace of mind for parents. The weather in Athens is terrific much of the school year. Living close to campus give you an opportunity to better enjoy it by walking or biking to campus.

Why You Should Make These Decisions Now

As we speak, off campus student housing apartments are being reserved for classes that start in the Fall of 2017. Waiting will only serve to limit your choices. In fact, The Mark has already sold out of its three and five bedroom luxury apartment options. There are still some 4 bedroom apartments available.

Reserve 4 Bedroom Apartments at The Mark

There are still 1, 2 and 4 bedroom apartments available at The Mark for the fall of 2017, but demand is high. Students and parents alike appreciate that this is a limited access community with onsite management and private parking available. Having so many activities available practically at your front door makes college life more enjoyable and offers more social activities. The Mark provides a roommate matching service and each student signs their own lease, making them responsible for their share of the lease.

These upscale apartments have a private bath for each bedroom, stainless steel appliances, upgraded countertops and in-unit washers and dryers. It’s a terrific way to enjoy college life while attending the University of Georgia. You can be one of the first to experience living at The Mark, but you need to act quickly. Fill out applications for a 1, 2 or 4 bedroom apartments at The Mark today.

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