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How to Choose Off Campus Housing: 5 Must-Have Amenities

Apr 11, 2016

Once you’ve decided to leave dorm life behind, the big question becomes, how to choose off campus housing? Not all apartments are equal. Some are designed with a student’s needs in mind and offer amenities to make your college experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re moving in with a bunch of roommates or plan on living with just one other student, here are a few must-have features that can help you answer the question “how to choose off campus housing?”
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Sorting Through Available Student Apartments: Pick Features That Stand Out

Apr 05, 2016

You’re moving off campus and looking at what seems like a never-ending list of available student apartments. When there are a lot of options available, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s best for you. Although there might be plenty of apartments available, not every one of them is going to be just right or anywhere close to ideal. If you have a lot to choose from, you have the freedom to pick a place that stands out from the rest.
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Tips to Make Your College Apartment Search Easier

Apr 02, 2016

You’ve decided to move off campus. The next thing you need to do is to decide where you’ll live. The college apartment search process is a bit different from the process of picking a dorm. You have more options when you move off campus, which means you’ll want to put in the effort to find the place that’s just right for you. These tips will help your apartment search go as smoothly as possible and will help you find the place of your dreams, in no time.

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