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Five Benefits of Renting Furnished Student Apartments

Aug 08, 2016

Each fall families and students gather for the annual ritual of moving into their new campus or off campus apartments. If you will be part of this parade while attending the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, you may want to know the five benefits of renting furnished student apartments.
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A Checklist for Student Housing in Athens, GA

Aug 03, 2016

Are you attending the University of Georgia? Will this be the first time you will be living off campus? Perhaps you have a student attending classes. If so, you’ll appreciate this checklist for student housing to help you make the best decision.
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Seven Benefits of Living Off Campus

Aug 01, 2016

Heading to Athens, Georgia for college? Are you considering whether to live on or off campus? You should know there are some distinct benefits of living off campus while attending the University of Georgia. Here are seven.

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