12 Quick Things to Remember When Searching for a College Apartment in Athens

Dec 21st 2016

Whether you are a student or a parent of a student attending the University of Georgia, there are some valuable tips to keep in mind while searching for a college apartment in Athens. These tips can save time, money, hassles, and make staying off campus much more enjoyable. Here are 12 quick thoughts to keep in mind when searching for a college apartment in Athens, GA.

Top 4 Things to Do In Athens During the Holidays

Dec 12th 2016

For those attending the University of Georgia, there are some fun and entertaining things to do in Athens during the holidays, IF you know where to look. This is a college community that abounds with vibrant events. Here is our list of four things to do in Athens during the holidays.

Why New Student Housing May Be Your Best Off Campus Living Option

Dec 12th 2016

Athens, Georgia is full of historic, older student housing options, but there are some good reasons to consider some new student housing choices. Let’s take a look at why newly constructed off campus housing may be your best choice.

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