Six Tips for Living Off Campus in Athens, GA

Feb 20th 2017

Many parents are reluctant to allow their students attending the University of Georgia to live off campus. They may have some views about off campus living that cause concerns like security, convenience, costs and comfort. Parents should understand off campus living is changing in Athens and across the country. There are quality, even luxurious, options available that can provide an exceptional college atmosphere that promotes productivity and excellence in higher education. Here are six tips for living off campus in Athens, Georgia.

Decorating Your College Apartment To Maximize Your Experience

Feb 13th 2017

Your college experience relies greatly on where you live while attending the University of Georgia at Athens. It also can even be impacted by how you are decorating your college apartment. Whether you are living on your own or with roommates, here are some tips.

The Benefits of Moving Off Campus in Athens, GA

Feb 09th 2017

First-year students attending the University of Georgia are required to live on-campus unless they have either turned 21 by the first day of classes or are living with their parents or guardians in the counties surrounding Athens including Clarke, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe or Oconee. After that freshmen year however, there are some nice benefits of moving off campus.


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