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Once you’ve decided to leave dorm life behind, the big question becomes, how to choose off campus housing? Not all apartments are equal. Some are designed with a student’s needs in mind and offer amenities to make your college experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re moving in with a bunch of roommates or plan on living with just one other student, here are a few must-have features that can help you answer the question “how to choose off campus housing?”

How to Choose Off Campus Housing: Look For These Five Things

Reliable Internet Access

You might have a great data plan on your smartphone. But, you shouldn’t have to rely on your data when you want to check your email, submit assignments to your professors or binge your favorite show on Netflix. Off campus housing that includes reliable Internet access and WiFi is a must.  You want to be able to get online, no matter where you are in your apartment.

A Quiet Study Area

Sure, you can head to the library every time you need to prepare for an exam or write a paper. But, having a quiet place to work in your apartment or near your apartment is important, too. One option is to choose off campus housing that lets you have your own bedroom. When you need to get to work, you can simply close your door and sit down at your desk. Study lounges or internet cafes are other nice features to look for when you are picking a place to live. They are great places to study, print papers, or check your email. You can also meet other students there for a study session.

A Place to Blow Off Steam

College life gets stressful now and then. You might have to turn in a 10-page paper in two days, but can’t think of a single sentence to write. Perhaps you recently bombed your big midterm exam. One tip to keep in mind for how to choose off campus housing is to look for a place that offers amenities that will help you blow off steam and relax when you need to. Those amenities might be the option to take a fitness class to help reduce your stress levels or hit the basketball or racquetball courts, so you that you can run around outdoors to relieve stress.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry might not be one of life’s joys, but having easy access to a washer and dryer definitely makes doing your wash less of a chore. Look for off campus housing that either includes on-site laundry or, even more convenient, a washer and dryer in your own unit. You’ll never have to dig for quarters or make a special trip to the laundromat late at night again.

Easy Rent Options

It should be easy to pay your rent each month and you shouldn’t have to worry about collecting rent from each of your roommates. When you live off campus, an apartment that lets you each have your own lease and that takes payments online or in person is the most convenient.

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