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You’re excited for the school year ahead and you should be. After checking out available UGA college apartment rentals, you’ve made a short list and are getting ready to move off campus. The switch from dorm life to off campus life can be a bit jarring, though. Here’s what you need to know to have your best year ever in college.

Plan for Success in UGA College Apartment Rentals

Pick the Right Living Arrangement
You have several options when looking at UGA College apartment rentals. Some apartments are designed for just two roommates; others have space for up to six people. The living arrangement that best suits you really depends on your personality and lifestyle habits. If you’re a social butterfly, for example, you might love having five roommates to hang out with at all times, as long as you have your own space to retreat to when needed. Perhaps you prefer a bit more privacy and would rather live with just one or two other people. Knowing what you want before you set out to find a place will help make your upcoming school year a success.

Get Organized
Make this year the year you get organized. Knowing when all your projects are due and when your exams are scheduled will help you better plan your social, work, and academic life. As you get your syllabi at the beginning of the semester, write down when everything’s due on a calendar, and put that calendar somewhere visible.

Getting organized means more than knowing when your assignments are due. Establishing a routine also helps you stay level headed and calm, even when the school work is piling up. For example, decide to get up at a certain time each day. Get in the habit of making your bed, too. Accomplishing a small task first thing in the morning can help you feel more prepared to tackle whatever challenges the day throws at you.

Clear Time for Studying
Actually setting aside time to study and work on projects will help you get things done without a lot of stress. Give yourself a few hours a day to study. Write out your study time on your calendar and stick to it so that you don’t fall behind. It also helps to have a designated study zone, whether it’s a desk in your bedroom, a spot in the computer lounge or a stall in the library.

Clear Time for Relaxing
Making time to relax is just as important for your grades and wellbeing as making time to study. When you’re looking for UGA college apartment rentals, look for a place that has plenty of room for relaxing. For example, you might want a pool to relax and unwind by  or to go for a walk when you need a study break.

It’s never too early to start planning out your best school year ever. To learn more about off campus living at The Mark, contact us today to set up a tour and for information on the leasing process for our UGA college apartment rentals.

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