How to Find Off Campus Housing To Maximize Your Experience at UGA

Jan 23rd 2017

It used to be housing was a very secondary factor when attending college at the University of Georgia. Choices were limited to either on campus or off campus. Especially in the Athens, Georgia area where much of the housing is historic, options were fairly narrow. That is changing.


What to Include on Your College Apartment List

Jan 16th 2017

One of the terrific benefits of living off campus, when attending the University of Georgia, is the whole new set of options that await you. Living off campus gives you a wider choice of locations, property styles, apartment sizes, amenities and, yes, even more freedom. While these choices can be exciting, it also can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some suggestions of what to include on your off campus college apartment list.

Choosing 1 Bedroom Apartments in Athens, GA

Jan 12th 2017

There are plenty of good reasons to go in search of 1 bedroom apartments when attending the University of Georgia at Athens. There are also some misperceptions about people who prefer to live on their own.

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