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10 Off Campus Housing Tips

Oct 24, 2016

If you are attending college at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, you should consider off campus housing. Off campus housing gives you more options in selecting a place to live and can be an important part of the college learning process. But what should you be looking for in off campus housing? What are the aspects of living outside the campus borders that some families and students fail to think about? Here are 10 off campus housing tips that can help you make the best decision when choosing your housing.
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Easy Meals in Your College Apartment You Will Love

Oct 17, 2016

One of the eye-opening aspects of moving into your own college apartment is the realization that you are completely responsible for you own meals. Sure, you may share things with roommates, if you have them, but what you eat and when you eat is now mainly in your hands. Some students, though rare, will enjoy expanding their culinary skills during this period. Most, however, will go in search of ways to prepare easy meals in your college apartment.
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Choosing a College Apartment Roommates Who Are Compatible

Oct 11, 2016

If you choose to live with a roommate or roommates while attending college at the University of Georgia, apartments offer some terrific advantages. You enjoy shared and reduced cost, help with chores and companionship. It can also provide some challenges if not properly researched. The wrong roommate can lead to stress, arguments, and even financial disputes. Choosing college apartment roommates is one of the most important decisions you will make.

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