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You’ve decided to move off campus. The next thing you need to do is to decide where you’ll live. The college apartment search process is a bit different from the process of picking a dorm. You have more options when you move off campus, which means you’ll want to put in the effort to find the place that’s just right for you. These tips will help your apartment search go as smoothly as possible and will help you find the place of your dreams, in no time.

College Apartment Search Tips

Start Looking Early

You might still have a semester or two to go until you move off campus, but it’s never too early to start your college apartment search. Looking at what options are out there as soon as you can will give you an idea of what features most apartments offer, what the typical rents are, and how many apartments  are available within walking distance or within a short drive to campus. The best places tend to rent out quickly, so if you find an apartment that seems perfect early on, your best bet is to move fast.

Set a Budget Based on the Area

It helps to have a realistic idea of what rent costs and what other utilities cost in the area around your school before you start looking. Find out what the average student apartment rents for, then use that amount to put together your budget. Knowing what the average rent is for an apartment can also help you see if you’re getting a good deal on a place. It can also give you some negotiating power if you really like an apartment, but the rent for it seems much higher than similar places around it.

Make a List of Must-Haves

Some features of your apartment might be non-negotiable. For example, if you have a cat or dog and have long wanted it to live with you off campus, finding a place that is pet-friendly is a must. You might also want a place that lets you have your own bedroom and bathroom, and a place with a decently sized kitchen, so that you can share the cooking and eating space with roommates without feeling cramped. Bring your list of must-haves to each apartment you visit and check off what features the place does or doesn’t have.

Check out Amenities Available

In some cases, you might find a few apartments that fit the bill. In that case, taking a look at the perks and amenities offered by each might be the tie-breaker. You might not need to live in an apartment that has an on-site pool or fitness center, but those options do make a place more appealing.

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